The Namekagon Confluence 2
September 12, 2015, 7:00 – 9:00 PM
The Park Center, 15791 U.S. Highway 63, Hayward, WI

What’s Really Happening on the Namekagon River!

A note from our President:

To our Partners, Stakeholders, and River Users:

On behalf of the Namekagon River Partnership, I would like to extend to you an invitation to join us for our 2nd Annual gathering which we are calling Confluence 2. The gathering will be held at the Park Center in Hayward, WI on September 12, 2015 from 7-9 pm.

We intend to discuss the current state of the Namekagon River, including current use and potential/proposed future use. There have been several exciting new developments in this area that we are eager to share with you. Entertainment will be supplied by photo essays from Ben Thwaits’ student photography students as well as words of wisdom from our friends at the St. Croix River Association.

It is our hope that representatives from all lakes, riparian landowners, non-riparian land-owners, and users of the water and land resources within the Namekagon watershed will attend. Plan to join us as we gather to celebrate this wonderful national park located right in our backyard. All interested parties are welcome. We look forward to seeing you…

Larry Mann, President

Forty-seven years ago this October 2nd, the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act was signed by President Lyndon Johnson. Together, the rivers listed in the Act were designated as a national park. The Namekagon River, a tributary of the St.Croix River, was one of the first rivers placed on the list. These rivers and their watersheds were deemed an integral part of a great commitment to protecting the best of our national resources. Besides government designation and protection, the River also became, in large measure, the responsibility of all those who live on or near it, fish it, paddle it, or simply admire it from the shore.

Over time many pressures have come to challenge the resolve of its protectors to maintain the integrity of its purity, beauty and, indeed, its future existence. With the dramatic rise in water rights disputes, drought, astronomical growth in the number of users and a multitude of water-related issues on a global scale, attending to our local watershed is more important than ever.

Last September 6 many of you helped shape and clarify the beginning of a concerted effort to create a collective plan for the Namekagon River of the future. On the strength of our brainstorming sessions at that conversation, we have been able to become much more clear in the direction and mission of the Namekagon River Partnership.

In essence, we propose to give the full measure of our knowledge, passion and commitment to supporting the stated Mission of the National Park Service with respect to the Namekagon River.

National Park Service MISSION STATEMENT for the Namekagon and upper Saint Croix Rivers*

These rivers were set aside as a unit of the national park system and the national wild and scenic rivers system to:

  • Preserve the St. Croix and Namekagon rivers in a natural and relatively free-flowing condition;
  • Preserve, enhance, and restore the ecological integrity of the St. Croix and Namekagon rivers;
  • Protect and enhance the exceptional natural, scenic, and cultural resources of the Riverway for current and future generations;
  • Provide for a diverse range of recreational opportunities along the Riverway without detracting from the exceptional natural, cultural, scenic, and aesthetic resources;
  • Provide opportunities for learning and study of the geologic, cultural, ecological, and aesthetic values to further enhance stewardship of the Riverway; and
  • Provide an environment that allows the opportunity for peace and solitude.

We welcome your participation as we continue this conversation. The more voices contributing the better able we will be to identify our common vision of how we might best create a comprehensive, far-reaching plan and discharge our responsibility in this essential endeavor.

Registration is FREE and all attendees receive a NRP membership.

Cash bar and appetizers will be available as well as a Free Will offering to help with expenses.

Please RSVP to or call Ron Hobart at 715-492-8250.

* The Purpose and Significance statements stated in this document derive from two documents: the General Management Plan 1998 (covering St. Croix Falls to the northern Riverway boundaries on the St. Croix and Namekagon Rivers) and the Cooperative Management Plan 2001 (covering the St. Croix River from the dam at St. Croix Falls to the mouth of the St. Croix River; this includes both the federal and state management zones). The purpose and significance statements from the General Management Plan can be found in Appendix B, and the purpose and significance statements from the Cooperative Management Plan are in Appendix C

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