On June 10th, Patrick Shirey, University of Notre Dame, arrived in the Cable area along with five students to start monitoring water temperatures in the upper Namekagon River and its perennial tributaries (click on images to enlarge).

Notre Dame Survey Party

Gear at NamDam Landing

On June 12th this group, accompanied by two National Park Service staff, completed a recon trip from the Namakagon Lake Dam to the Cap Creek Landing.  They monitored the river temperature along the way, looking for localized cool spots.  The “main stem” river temperatures were found to be in the 21-22° C range, which while cool enough for trout now, will climb above the 25° C point as summer temperatures rise. This threshold temperature is considered to be lethal to our trout when encountered for an extended time.

Water temperature in the localized area of the Five Mile Creek and Cap Creek confluence with the river were the only places found with significantly lower values.

Later this year automated temperature data loggers will be installed to continuously monitor water temperatures at key river points near tributaries to verify specific areas as suitable trout habitat.









National Park Service Biologists


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