The Membership Team is charged ensuring the sustainability of the Namekagon River Partnership through expanding membership, growing volunteer participation, and generating funds to support our ability to celebrate and conserve our national treasure.

We are focused on creating a positive culture of giving: encouraging volunteer participation, creative support, and generous donor funding.

NRP Board Members on the Team: David Arnold, Scott Peterson

As a newly formed Team, we are meeting on a “as needed” basis.  Using technology, we have been able to quickly communicate ideas, discuss concepts and create systems.  Meetings will be announced on our website.  All members are welcome to participate. Your observations and ideas are important and welcome.  Please share your ideas with any team member or us at:

  • Conduct ongoing Best Practices research and interviews
  • Renew expired memberships
  • Establish all NRP membership processes
  • Create our 2014 Membership Plan
  • Grow NRP to 100 members in 2014