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Namakagon vs. Namekagon – Why the spelling difference?

Two Answers:
It is not unusual to find different spellings for place names in northern Wisconsin. The river is spelled Namekagon River and the lake is spelled Lake Namakagon.  Another example is the nearby Totagatic River, also spelled Totogatic (and historically Tobtik).
Answer from Jim Shirott, local historian.

(2) Many spelling variations have been found – as many as eight.  Dave Thorson, owner of Down to Earth Tours, recounts his research in a recent Bottom Line News and Views article, “Namekagon or Namakagon? A Little History.” (linked below with the author’s permission)
Bottom Line 12-13-11 p12 Namekagon or Namakagon (requires Adobe Reader)

What is the history of Highway 63, which follows much of the river?
U.S. Route 63 History
 (requires Adobe Reader)
Answer from Jim Shirott, local historian